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Saw Annie tonight.

So my niece Rhiannon & I saw Annie tonight. As soon as we got inside the building, we went to the merchandise stand. I got a red Annie shirt & she got a Sandy doll. In addition to that, we came home with flyers & the playbill. Anyways, after that, we hit the bathroom, got candy [she wanted Twizzlers], & found our seats - which was easy. We ended up going back out to get a booster seat for her tho, but it's okay.

It was funny at the beginning, when the girls started fighting - all cuz of Molly's nightmare [she was keeping them awake]. Then they were mocking Annie of course when she read her letter to Molly. So Annie got in Pepper's face, "Do you wanna sleep with your teeth inside of your mouth...or out?" haha. Then that led into "Maybe", which I enjoyed. So then she does the whole escape bit & gets caught by Miss Hannigan. They argue about her being an orphan, & how Annie thought they were coming back for her. Miss Hannigan was hilarious. "That was 1922, it's 1933. Maybe they got stuck in traffic" lol. Then she sits down & starts drinking....

Miss Hannigan: "It's medicine."
Molly: "You must be very sick."

And of course that led into one of my favorites, "The Hard-Knock Life". I loved it. :) Afterwards we had the Mr. Bundles come into get the laundry. Annie's hiding in the dirty laundry to escape, while Miss Hannigan was telling Mr. Bundles what she was getting him for Christmas.

Miss Hannigan: "And what are you gettin' me?"
Mr. Bundles: "What'd I get you last year?"
Miss Hannigan: "Nothing."
Mr. Bundles: "That's what I'm getting you this year!"...or something like that. HAHA. LOL.

Annie escapes; Miss Hannigan finds out & flips; they do the reprise of "The Hard-Knock Life". Annie finds Sandy [the dog] & does "Tomorrow", which of course, I loved! Marissa O'Donnell is good, no doubt about that. She meets up with the bums, & they're discussing being homeless. I loved this [I'm tired & doing this from memory]....

Bum #1: "Traffic over our heads!"
Annie: "So they can wake you up from your nightmares."
Bum #2: "Empty pockets!"
Annie: "Atleast you have pockets!"
Bum #3: "No gloves!"
Annie: ".....Atleast you have...erm....empty pockets!"
Bum #4: "Newspapers for blankets!"
Annie: "....So you can read....IN BED!"

Cute. They sang "We'd Like To Thank You Herbert Hoover". It's not in either of the movies, but I knew the song cuz I have the Broadway Soundtrack [from 1977]. They get caught by the cops & all. Back at the orphanage, the girls are hiding something.

Miss Hannigan: "What do you have behind your back?"
Orphan [I think it was Kate]: "A dead mouse! Wanna see?!"

LMFAO, haha. So Miss Hannigan starts singing "Little Girls" & in the middle of the song the girls start arguing over cheating at a game. "Did not! Did too!"...ect. So she goes over there & tells them to shut up. So she turns around & they mock her. She turns back around & they quickly started playing Patty-Cake or something like that lmfao. Annie comes back, the police drop her off & go, & Miss Hannigan flipped on her lmfao. The Grace comes & saves Annie. After fighting with Miss Hannigan over it. "You're peddling beauty products - I don't need 'em," hehe.

She gets there, & they do "I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here". Oliver Warbucks walks on & everyone started clapping. Then after awhile they did "N.Y.C.". It was a little different, but that's because in the middle of the song, Annie found Santa Claus & they did this cute dance while saying "Ho! Ho! Ho!". :) Then of course they finished the song. Then it was a week later, & Grace was telling Miss Hannigan about Oliver wanting to adopt Annie.

Miss Hannigan: "She's gonna be his kid? The daughter of a millionaire?"
Grace: "No, that daughter of a billionaire!"

Damn. Ouch. LOL. Hannigan screamed, literally. Then Rooster & Lilly St. Regis came in & they all did "Easy Street". So then came the locket scene, where he tried to give Annie the locket & she refused, explaining how she wanted her parents & such. And he promised to find them. So they went into "You Won't Be An Orphan For Long" & a reprise of "Maybe".

Intermission. I took Rhi to the bathroom & all, let her stretch her legs cuz she was getting squirmy. She was really well behaved tho. She just had a backache. She held her Sandy doll the entire time. She's so cute.

So we get back to our seats & intermission ends. It started off with them doing the commercial w/ Bert Healy; trying to find Annie's parents. Then he sings "You're Never Fully Dressed Without A Smile". As some guy is there with a sign that said "Applause", haha. Finally, we get to my FAVORITE scene, the orphans version of "You're Never Fully Dressed Without A Smile". :) I love that song & the dance & all. So I was really happy watching that lol. Then Hannigan comes in.

Miss Hannigan: "Do I hear happiness in here?!"
Orphans: "No, Miss Hannigan."
Molly: "Annie was on the radio!"
Miss Hannigan: "I heard. Next thing ya know, they'll make a musical about her".

That had a lot of people going. Esp. someone a few rows in front of us, lmfao. :D Then Rooster & Lilly came in, acted as Annie's parents, & they did the whole plan to steal the money & make Annie disappear. Then they did a reprise of "Easy Street".

Then they get to the White House, with President Roosevelt, the people who work for him, Oliver, & Annie. They're complaining & worrying & all, & Annie breaks into the reprise of "Tomorrow". So Roosevelt makes everyone sing it, steals his solo, & Herald [works for him; didn't wanna sing in the first place] really got into it. Then Roosevelt got a message that Annie & Oliver needed to go back to NY. So they did & found out everyone was lying, nobody really showed up for Annie, but the money [parents I mean]. So Oliver sang "Something Was Missing" to Annie.

Oliver: "I wanna adopt you, Annie!"
Annie: "Adopt me?!"
Oliver: "Yes or no?!"....lol.

Afterwards, she told him if she couldn't have her real folks, she would rather have him. So they went into "Annie" & "We Got Annie"...kind of a mixture. I didn't know they were going to do that, that was neat. Then she appeared in her red dress & wig, & her & Oliver did "I Don't Need Anything But You". Then her "parents" showed up, proved it was them, & Oliver told them they could come get her tomorrow. They then did a toast to Annie Mudge, & she got upset & ran off. Grace had a bad feeling, so Oliver finally admitted to Roosevelt that he needed his help. Then they left, & outside the "window" was snow - which all the kids in the audience loved lol. Annie appeared & sang another version of "Maybe".

So it's Christmas. Annie finds out from Oliver & Roosevelt that her real parents her dead. Then they try to figure out who her "parents" are. She admits that the only other person who knew about the locket was Miss Hannigan. So she shows up with the orphans [they were invited there], & then her "parents" show up. They give them the check & Rooster reads "To Ralph Mudge" [he didn't really read it]. Then Oliver tells him to read it again; it said "The Jig Is Up". So then Hannigan gets the kids to sing "Deck The Halls", & this was GREAT...

Ophans: "Fa-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la......"
Oliver: [Points to Hannigan] "This woman is their accompliss, fa la la la la, arrest her now...." < --- I spelled accompliss wrong, sue me.

So she tries to get Annie to tell 'em she's been good to her, when Annie reminds her the one thing she always taught her..."Never tell a lie". So they take her away, Oliver tells the orphans she's gone forever.

Oliver: "You won't have to eat mush ever again!"
Orphans: "Yaaaaay!"
Oliver: "You won't have to work ever again!"
Orphans: "Yaaaay!"
Oliver: "You'll have classrooms & teachers!"
Orphans: "Yaaaay----oooooh."

LOL. So then they sang "A New Deal For Christmas"; bought out the big present; Sandy jumped out; & that was pretty much it. Then they did the curtain calls, & by the end there was a standing ovation.

I didn't mean to just write out the whole play, but oh well. I had a blast & so did Rhiannon. If they tour anymore, I'd go again. I don't really have much of a "review" - - I thought everyone was great & I was just happy to be there. Anyhow I'm tired of writing. See ya!

Edit: Here's the shirt I got, of course in an adult size, lmfao.

My Annie shirt.
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