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Grease is the Word

So this may be irrelevant, and if so, feel free to delete it, but I figured I give it a shot, right? So I'm a big Grease fan. That whole era was just unique, and as a result I started up an AU rpg related to the timeframe with the T-Birds and Pink Ladies, and no, the canon characters are not Danny and Sandy. It's a whole new crew with their own set of ideals, based on the original ones however. If anyone is interested it would be great to get some more Grease fanatics involved!


The year is 1956. A new school year has begun at Rydell High, and the T-Birds and Pink Ladies are settling back into the groove of running the social scene of the school while facing opposition from their rivals across town, the Scarlet Gypsies of St. Bernadettes and their guys, the Scorpions. The Rydell kids are looking to not only lay claim to the high school, but the town as well. Everyone else is just struggling to survive.

There will be football games, there will be dances, there will be broken hearts, and scores to settle, but one thing that will never change is the group of friends at your side. Through the thick and the thin they will stick together, and somehow things will turn out right. They always do.

It is said this will be a year to remember, and maybe it will. It all depends on how you present yourself to your peers and mentors. Show them you're not afraid to be who you truly are, and perhaps you will make it out in one piece. Be careful how you dress, be careful how you speak, and most of all, be careful how you act. Who you are inside has never mattered before, so don't act like it will begin to matter now. These days it's all about being superficial and sticking to what you know. Don't change, because change won't be accepted. It defies everything already known.

In a time of sock hops and the American Bandstand, a time when being cool means everything, just remember that
grease is the word.
It always has been, and it always will be.
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